Cracked! Soft, Medium, and Hard Boiled Eggs
By :HipPressureCooking
Votes: 93
Rating: 4.09
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Course Side Dish
Cuisine Modern
Difficulty Easy
Browse Category Side Dishes
Duration less than 15 min
Cooking Technique Pressure Cook
Main Ingredient Eggs
Prep Time 1 minute
Cook Time 5 minutes
1-6 eggs
  • 1-6 XL Fresh Egg chilled (from the refrigerator)
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Modern
Difficulty Easy
Browse Category Side Dishes
Duration less than 15 min
Cooking Technique Pressure Cook
Main Ingredient Eggs
Prep Time 1 minute
Cook Time 5 minutes
1-6 eggs
  • 1-6 XL Fresh Egg chilled (from the refrigerator)
Votes: 93
Rating: 4.09
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  1. Fill the Instant Pot with one cup of cold water. Add the steamer basket, or trivet and steamer basket, egg stand (if using) and egg.
  2. Close and lock the lid of the pressure cooker.
  3. Cook for 5 minutes at low pressure (if your pressure cooker does not have this setting, try do a test egg at the pressure cooker setting it has.
  4. When time is up, open the pressure cooker with the Normal release - release pressure through the valve.
  5. Open the pressure cooker and place the egg(s) in a container filled with cold water. Keep the water cool by bringing the container to the sink and running more cold water into the container for 1 more minute, to serve warm, or 3 minutes to cool down completely.
  6. Tap the two ends and the middle of the egg and peel delicately.
92 replies
  1. instantpotapp
    instantpotapp says:

    Using this method my eggs came out perfect. After cooling they were easy to peel.

  2. jhalsmith
    jhalsmith says:

    The yolks looked done but the whites were grey. I dont have time to google why (my stovetop routine has been flawless… and just as fast). I prefer harder eggs anyway, so I’ll try the longer, high pressure version next (fwiw, they were 2 week farm laid).

  3. HSeibel
    HSeibel says:

    Just biught my IP last nght and did the water test and now the hardboiled eggs. Wow! I have never peeled 6 eggs flawlessly until now. Followed the instructins to the letter and the eggs are flawless!

  4. Daholli
    Daholli says:

    I love this recipe! It is so easy! I’m doing eggs right now to make my guys egg salad sandwhiches! Its is my favorite way to do my eggs!!

  5. Jaredroy
    Jaredroy says:

    I have been making hard boiled eggs in a pressure cooker for years and they always turn out great. With this method and the IP, its faster and foolproof!

  6. MrsH
    MrsH says:

    The egg yolk was moist and undercooked. Next attempt I plan to add to cooking time. Otherwise these were easy to make and peeled easily as stated!

  7. Jehill07
    Jehill07 says:

    I had to do this process 2x and it was still soft. I dont mind soft, however for deviled eggs, that wont work. My friend suggested high pressure 7 mins. Which it was what i will try next

  8. Hype28
    Hype28 says:

    I consider hard boiled to mean totally cooked through. The picture did not look that way so I tried 7 minutes. Next time I will try for 8 as they weren’t quite there. But not bad!

  9. Wingnut316
    Wingnut316 says:

    Just got my Instant Pot today. My first attempt was HD eggs. I took the advice here for 7 min. Turned out great. Thanks all

  10. Angiemelson1
    Angiemelson1 says:

    Tried again…instead of taking out immediately, I let them sit in “stay warm” for 5 minutes before the ice bath. I also used Hi pressure for 8 minutes because my eggs were bigger.

  11. Debbstepp
    Debbstepp says:

    I read the reviews as my eggs were just starting to cook. I quickly turned up the time to total 7 minutes. Perfect texture and flavor! If only i knew how to peel them…easier than every attempt ever, but did require some care.

  12. KettleGriller
    KettleGriller says:

    Followed recipe 5 min with 6 Large brown Organic eggs at Sea Level. Result: Almost, but not quite *Soft boiled*. Yolks and whites both running.

  13. LivingVadream
    LivingVadream says:

    Read some of the reviews before i decided to cook my eggs. Lower altitude (1,000 ft). Low pressure for 7 minutes and natural release for 5 minutes. Perfect hard boiled eggs 🙂

  14. Snowflake71
    Snowflake71 says:

    Made these just now. 6 eggs on manual for 5 mins with 1 cup water, 5 mins manual release and then cold water and they are perfect and easy to peel

  15. Teri_16
    Teri_16 says:

    After reading other reviews, I decided not to risk getting undercooked eggs and cooked them on high pressure for 7 minutes. They were perfect and I am excited to have hard boiled eggs anytime I want!

  16. Katsews
    Katsews says:

    Eggs were cooked but a bit undercooked to my liking. I perfer 6 minute HP, 6 minute Pressure release and cooling in ice water.

  17. Bhavanaraya
    Bhavanaraya says:

    I have tried 7minutes on high pressure ..with 5minutes natural releas and then quick release ..turned out pefectly ..mine are costco AA grade large eggs

  18. HF
    HF says:

    LOVE this recipe and SOOOO easy to peel!! While the freshest eggs help ensure an effortless peel, I tested this recipe with ones I had had in the fridge for about 8 – 10 days and 2 weeks before their Best Before Date….resulting peel was as easy as if I had gathered them from the henhouse the day before.

  19. JoanL
    JoanL says:

    The entire process takes the same if not longer than doing them on the stove but the ease of the process and peeling the eggs makes it far superior.

  20. jakersmom
    jakersmom says:

    7 minutes on low pressure and 10 minute natural release made very hard boiled XL eggs. Next time I will try 5 minutes.

  21. Leahnelson02
    Leahnelson02 says:

    I did 7 minutes on high pressure with a quick release and immediately into cold water. Eggs were literally perrfect! Will never make on the stove top again!!!

  22. Knuckledrggr1972
    Knuckledrggr1972 says:

    Directions as posted left a soft boiled egg (white mostly cooked, yolk still liquid)… trying high pressure, 12 min, quick release

  23. LaurieOClark
    LaurieOClark says:

    The most perfect hard boiled eggs! I used the 7 minute High Pressure, 5 min release, 5 cold water and presto! One dozen easy peel eggs with sunny yellow yolks.

  24. Direiter
    Direiter says:

    I made 4 eggs placed in the trivit that it came with.

    Selected egg setting (5 minutes) rapid released, then let sit for 5 minutes. Ice bath 5 minutes.
    Peeled perfect
    And tasted great
    The egg yokes were nice yellow and completely done.
    No more boiling eggs on stove for me

    I love my new instant pot!

  25. Boldchef
    Boldchef says:

    This isnt enough time for large eggs to be hard boiled. Try 12 min on low or 8 min on high

  26. Menotadog
    Menotadog says:

    Why was there a 5 out of 5 review when t is necessary to change the cooking time????

  27. Mwalli
    Mwalli says:

    I have the 8 qt. Instant Pot Duo: Pressure cook on manual for 5 minutes. Do a quick release and let eggs sit in Instant Pot for 5 more minutes. Open lid and remove eggs; place directly into ice bath and let sit for 10 minutes or so. Eggs come out perfectly! They are super easy to peel.

  28. VKathy
    VKathy says:

    I just got a Mini (3 qt) and did hard boiled eggs as my first experiment. Reviewers had so many different times for hard boiled eggs, there must be a bit of trial and error. Different machines may account for the differences, I read that the Mini has less pressure than some larger machines.

    I tried 7 min high pressure with 5 min natural release and found them too soft and runny. I then tried 8 min low pressure, 5 min on keep warm, normal release, and 5 minutes in ice bath. Perfection.

  29. Jen Steuerwald
    Jen Steuerwald says:

    My recipe for HARD BOILED EGGS

    6 XL eggs
    10oz water
    8 min on high
    Quick release
    Let sit for 4
    Cold bath for 4 min

  30. Webber062003
    Webber062003 says:

    New IP fresh out of the box!! Just plugged in! Since we have chickens and always have eggs on hand I figured I should try boiled eggs.. turned out great!!!
    1 1/2 cups of water
    9-10 eggs
    Steam before six minutes
    Ice bath
    Peel fell off

  31. crystaljade
    crystaljade says:

    I did exactly what this said and my eggs are not at all done. Not sure what went wrong but i just wasted 8 expensive organic pasteur raised eggs

  32. Sdcolburn
    Sdcolburn says:

    7 minutes in high pressure with 5 minute natural release and my eggs are perfect. Will use this method for now on.

  33. Rebecca J. Aye
    Rebecca J. Aye says:

    I just got my Instant Pot, 6 Quart, Ultra. I did a test egg using the “egg” function and removing as soon as cooking was completed. It was an absolutely PERFECT soft boiled egg. The white was fully cooked and the yolk was rich and runny. My second test egg: I again used the “egg” function, increasing the cook time to 6 minutes and keeping warm for 5 minutes–results: an absolutely PERFECT hard boiled egg that would make lovely deviled eggs!!!

  34. Tina
    Tina says:

    I have the 3quart 7in1 pot and I appreciate you posting this recipe. It was a good starting point.I began with 5 eggs cold from the fridge. I’m wondering if the varying results people are reporting are caused by the varying temperatures an egg can start out at? With low pressure the 5 minutes produced fully cooked white with slightly runny yolk (great sub for sunny side up breakfast eggs). 6 minutes left the yolk a tiny bit sticky (great for eating warm on toast or wrapped in avocado slice) and 7 minutes gave us a typical hard boiled egg.

  35. Jay Murdoch
    Jay Murdoch says:

    This recipe failed to mention the time needed for the IP to 1) heat up, 2) then cook, and 3) cool down. The IP cookbook with the Duo Plus had no detail per using Egg setting. I note online recipes called for 1 or 2 cups of water and low or high pressure settings. All over the board. At a min the IP www & cookbook should be aligned. This www was helpful per heat up, cook, let stand detail before ice water bath.

  36. AshleyWright12
    AshleyWright12 says:

    I did this recipe but I used the 5 min cook five min sit and 5 min ice came out perfect for deviled eggs.

  37. says:

    I made medium boiled eggs. I’m happy. 3 minutes on high pressure. Put the eggs in ice water bath.
    Peeled so easily.

  38. Raloh
    Raloh says:

    All of these recipes are so vague. Here the title is “Soft, medium and hard-boiled eggs.” and it says cook for 5 minutes. Is that 5 minutes for soft? Or am I supposed to go with 5 minutes and just wait and see what happens? This so-called recipe is pointless. It would have been better to post a poll where users can enter how long they let them cook for soft, medium and hard eggs. I could then pick the time the most users found success with. My Instant Pot has an edge setting but I am not confident that the Instant Pot designers were any more precise than the IT person that wrote this recipe. I just got my IP and I am trying to figure it out. These vague recipes (including the ones in the provided recipe booklet) are not helping.

  39. Clefairy
    Clefairy says:

    This recipe is too vague with instructions to earn five stars, but thanks to all the people who helped fill in the blanks for me. I made a test batch of four large eggs to try out my new Lux Mini Instant Pot. I used the Egg setting, adjusted to More, and set the cook time to five minutes. Then I did a five minute natural release before quick releasing and transferred the eggs to an ice bath for to soak for five minutes. The eggs came out PERFECT and peeled like a dream. I’m very happy with this.

  40. CeeL
    CeeL says:

    I’ll NEVER boil eggs on the stove again! I cooked them in the instant pot and they came out Perfect!! Shells practically fell off!!!!!

  41. decorr58
    decorr58 says:

    I put 4 eggs on the trivet with 1 cup of water in our LUX 8 QT on egg mode for 5 minutes. Peeled very easy and made perfect egg salad sandwiches.

  42. Hunnigirl
    Hunnigirl says:

    I did 5 minutes, low pressure, quick release, ended up with perfect Medium/Hard eggs. The whites were fully cooked, the yolks were not liquidy yet not dry. Perfect!

  43. mikesloper
    mikesloper says:

    I agree with others, this recipe is useless. Comments like “my eggs were perfect” are not helpful unless you explain whether you wantee soft, medium or hard boiled eggs. For me, I want runny yolk and that takes 4 mins in a pan of boiling water so I don’t see why I would bother wasting eggs and time using the IP for that.

  44. Suefeldman
    Suefeldman says:

    Followed Mwalli suggestions and eggs came out perfect !!
    Pressure cook 5 min , quick release for 5 min then in icebath for 10 min. So easy to peel as well.
    Remember, the 5 minutes starts once the instant pot is at the right temp.

  45. Jmafisher
    Jmafisher says:

    As others have said, this recipe is challenging. Soft, medium and hard boiled eggs cannot all be set at 5 minutes. The best thing it said was to experiment but that’s why i read recipes so i don’t have to experiment.
    One star because this recipe should have been edited after the first few negative reviews.

  46. says:

    Misleading title and useless recipe; which gives no instruction as to how to make a soft v medium v hard egg.

  47. SandyCP
    SandyCP says:

    Pefect hard boil and super easy to peel. 8 minutes high pressure. 5 minute quick release. 5 minute cold water bath. 6 XL Costco eggs.

  48. lewismomoftwo
    lewismomoftwo says:

    I used 6 eggs with 1 cup water in a steamer basket over the trivet.
    I used the egg setting on low for 4 minutes.
    Eggs truned out medium/hard. Deep yellow in the middle, but not runny.
    Hope this helps.

  49. Jojoderm
    Jojoderm says:

    I read other reviews so did:
    6 eggs in steamer basket with
    6qt nova plus
    1 cup cold water
    7 minutes low
    5 minutes natural release
    3 minutes in cold water bath
    Hard boiled but not too hard-perfect for deviled eggs
    Peeled like a dream

  50. Josephine5811
    Josephine5811 says:

    Perfect eggs!! They peeled like a dream, and even when the second round ws cold to the touch, the yolks were still dippable!! I will never make soft-boiled eggs the old way again!!!

  51. Sandi8178
    Sandi8178 says:

    Followed the recipe exactly – the eggs ended up perfectly hard. I let the eggs sit in the IP for 6 minutes with natural release (not vented release) after cooking, then transferred to ice water. Eggs fell right out of the shell. No more guessing on the stove top!

  52. JessicaBunn
    JessicaBunn says:

    Have been using this guidline for a while now tryong ro perfect my softboiled eggs. I think i have got it down now!
    I set pressure cooke to 1min. Let it come to pressure and cook for the 1min. When done i quick release and then transfer eggs to ice bath. I do 6 large eggs

  53. FlaPhil
    FlaPhil says:

    Followed Mwalli’s suggestion

    – High pressure 5 minutes
    – quick release
    – let them stand for another 5 minutes
    – ice bath for 5 minutes
    – Perfection

    These were by far the most amazing hard boiled eggs i have ever had!!

  54. Pdall
    Pdall says:

    Just received our instant pot ultra 6 qt. Did the eggs on the egg cycle (1 + 5 min) and they turned out hard boiled perfect. I agree with others that the title soft, medium, hard does not describe the receipt. I quess you will have to trial and error the times.

  55. Ljespinoza
    Ljespinoza says:

    Used this method to cook 3 dozen eggs in my 8 qrt Insta pot. Used extra 1/4 cup water and set for 5min on low pressure then allowed to depressurized for 5min and put in ice bath for 5 min. Absolutely the best hard boiled eggs ever!!!

  56. Jonx
    Jonx says:

    Tried 5 eggs to start, on a steamer basket, 1 cup of water.
    5min low
    5min rest (then release)
    3min ice water bath.
    Perfectly cooked!

  57. Jensellers232
    Jensellers232 says:

    Used a similar method-
    5 min high pressure
    5 min rest (then release pressure)
    5 min ice bath

    These were perfectly cooked and a breeze to peel!!!!!

  58. VelvetGypsy
    VelvetGypsy says:

    I have a 6qt IP Ultra. Placed 3 large eggs on the trivet that came with my IP. Poured in 1 1/2 cups water. Used the “egg” setting for 5 minutes. Quick release then left the eggs sitting in my IP for an additional 7 minutes. Removed the eggs, ran under cold water for 1 minute. Result was a PERFECT hard boiled egg.

  59. Lowes48girl
    Lowes48girl says:

    I tried this and it worked perfectly. Eggs were hard boiled, no green rings and were the easiest eggs to peel ever!

  60. TKOMom
    TKOMom says:

    Our first recipe with our instant smart pot. The process and instructions were very clear and concise. Very happy with end product and easy to peel.

  61. jmaolson1
    jmaolson1 says:

    Followed directtiins to a T… The yolk was still runny. Maybe setting should have been on high pressure.

  62. Spitfire1439
    Spitfire1439 says:

    Instant pot method
    Egg, Hardboiled 6 minutes on Low Normal release
    Egg, Medium-boiled 5 Low Normal release
    Egg, Soft-boiled 3 Low Normal release

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