Perfect Jasmine Rice
By :HipPressureCooking
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Rating: 4.07
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Course Side Dish
Cuisine Asian
Difficulty Easy
Browse Category Rice & Pastas
Duration less than 15 min
Cooking Technique Pressure Cook
Main Ingredient Rice
Prep Time 1 minute
Cook Time 3 minutes
4-6 servings
  • 3 cups jasmine rice
  • 3 cups Water
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Asian
Difficulty Easy
Browse Category Rice & Pastas
Duration less than 15 min
Cooking Technique Pressure Cook
Main Ingredient Rice
Prep Time 1 minute
Cook Time 3 minutes
4-6 servings
  • 3 cups jasmine rice
  • 3 cups Water
Votes: 41
Rating: 4.07
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  1. Rinse the rice in a fine-mesh strainer.
  2. Strain the rice and add to the Instant Pot - being careful to remove any stray grains from the top edge of the inner pot.
  3. Add water. Close and lock the lid of the Instant Pot. Press [Pressure Cook] and then use the [ - ] button to set 1 minute of pressure cooking time at high pressure.
  4. When time is up, open the Instant Pot using the 10 minute Natural Pressure Release.
59 replies
  1. instantpotapp
    instantpotapp says:

    Worked great. If i use this approach with less rice less, do i need to adjust the time?

  2. Hparizo
    Hparizo says:

    When I cook this I want to make only half the recipe. What time option should with the rice button? I have mini 3qt. Thanks

  3. lachubbs
    lachubbs says:

    Perfect rice. I used 2 cups rice/water and 2 tsp olive oil. 1 minute pressure cooker and 10 minutes natural release.

  4. Hruggs94
    Hruggs94 says:

    Super easy. I did add a bit of olive oil, and very little stuck to the bottom. Clean up was a breeze. I won’t ever make rice on the stove again!

  5. BichonMomof2
    BichonMomof2 says:

    So under the info button it says cook time 3 min but you pressure cook for 1 min and NR for 10. That sounds more like 11 minutes to cook.

  6. says:

    To prevent sticking on the bottom, do not select KEEP WARM. The first time I did this recipe, a layer stuck on the bottom. The KEEP WARM was automatically selected. A review suggested to turn off KEEP WARM and it worked!

  7. Donna-Maria
    Donna-Maria says:

    I followed the recipe exactly aside from the measurements. I cut the recipe in half for just two people. It was perfect.

  8. Mina77
    Mina77 says:

    Use the pot in pot method. No sticking easy clean up. A cup of water in pot. Put the rack in. Put oven safe bowl with rice and water in it on rack. Pressure cook 6 minutes 10 min slow release.

  9. Eng_seyha@yahoo.coM
    Eng_seyha@yahoo.coM says:

    It is not work for me 🙁 it keep burn sign showing i am not sure why and it is burn on bottom. I follow every step 🙁 please help

  10. GlutenFree4Me
    GlutenFree4Me says:

    The first two times I made Jasmin rice in my instant pot I used the rice button and The rice was sticky like glue…terrible. Then I downloaded the app and used the perfect jasmine rice recipe. I hit the manual button and then backed the time down to three minutes, Using the 10 minute venting process and it turned out perfect

  11. Ntpaige
    Ntpaige says:

    I took the advise of two people who left reviews. 2 tbls water + equal parts rice and water. So amazinggggggggg!!!!!! Fluffy and delicious. I can’t believe it only took 1 minute (+10 natural release)

  12. Edwards08
    Edwards08 says:

    I added 1\2 cup of additional water to this recipe. It turned out perfect and did not stick to the pot.

  13. AnnaJD01
    AnnaJD01 says:

    Made the full 3 cups, added an extra half cup of water per the reviews, and a T or so of olive oil. Perfection! Saved the day after my SIL burned the other batch on the stove!

  14. Usarmysoldiersmom
    Usarmysoldiersmom says:

    Tried 2 different size batches:
    I did 3 cups rice, 3 1/2 cups water and 1Tblsp olive oil.
    Pressure cook 4 minutes, leaves on Warm setting 10 min. Then release steam. Rice was perfect.
    Then did 1 cup rice, 1 1/2 cups beef broth, after saute onions for fried rice, added some diced carrots, and again used dame cooking settings. Came out perfect!

  15. Ciro
    Ciro says:

    4 cups rice (not rinsed), 4 cups water + 1/2 cup, 1 tablespoon olive oil. Manually set for 1 minute pressure cook (warm off), natural pressure release for 10 minutes when done, then manual release rest of pressure. Perfect rice – suprised 1 minute cooked it so well when many say 4 minutes cooking.

  16. Instant Pot
    Instant Pot says:


    Contents will still cook while it is under pressure, though the temperature will gradually get lower as the pressure reduces naturally.

  17. Leeanngreitzer
    Leeanngreitzer says:

    The first time following the directions exactly the rice came out a bit dry… the second time I chose not to rinse the rice, I added it directly to the pot. I also added an extra minute (2 minutes total cook time) and a tablespoon of butter. Came out perfect!!!!

  18. HealthycookingIP
    HealthycookingIP says:

    This recipe worked out great! My rice was not dry and was not soggy. It was perfect and fast!

  19. Ken
    Ken says:

    In the instructions it states to cook the rice for one minute but on the servings line it says three. Which is correct?

  20. Wderubeis
    Wderubeis says:

    Thank you reviewers with the tips. Added an extra 1/2 cup of water and turned off “keep warm” and turned out great and didn’t stick to the bottom.

  21. Instant Pot
    Instant Pot says:

    Hi KaitJo,

    The unit will diplay “Off” when cooking is finished cooking and “Automatic Keep Warm” is not turned on.

    Always ensure that there is no pressure in the Instant Pot before attempting to open it.

  22. Instant Pot
    Instant Pot says:

    Hi Kait,

    Since the rice will still cook while under pressure technically the recipe cooking time is 11 minutes, 1 minute cooking time + 10 minutes under pressure which is 11 minutes of total cooking time.

  23. Instant Pot
    Instant Pot says:

    Hi Rwolfe89,

    Ensure that your unit is properly sealed and that steam is not leaking from the unit.

  24. petlaur
    petlaur says:

    Did 1 cup of jasmine rice with 1 cup of chicken broth in IP, cooked for 1 minute. NPR for 15 minutes as I was busy cooking something else. Rice came out too mushy.☹ Next time I’ll try cooking for 4 minutes.

  25. cololeah
    cololeah says:

    Followed directions to a “t” and i dont think it EVER pressure cooked anything… tried to make jasmine rice… total FAILURE… me AND the Instant Pot……..

  26. Ashnew126
    Ashnew126 says:

    Followed the recipe but did 4 cups rice 4 1/2 cups water 2 tablespoons of olive oil and manually set it to 1 minute and it came out perfect!!

  27. amt27
    amt27 says:

    Worked out great! Will prob add a pinch of salt, some olive oil or butter, and use broth instead of water next time!

  28. Dosenuno
    Dosenuno says:

    Instructions are confusing. After pressing the pressure cook botton you have to wait for it to build up the pressure inside the pot. Then press the [-] button for 1 minute and THEN release the pressure for 10 min. All intstant pot books instrucitons are confusing on HOW to operate the appliance. Maybe it is just a bad translation from the original (French) language.

  29. Instant Pot
    Instant Pot says:

    Hi Dosenuno,

    This recipe was developed in English.

    Instant Pot cooking instructions are standard across all models.

    There seems to be some confusion the recipe doesn’t state press pressure cook then wait for it to preheat.

    It sates “Press [Pressure Cook] and then use the [ – ] button to set 1 minute of pressure cooking time at high pressure.”

    You would press pressure cook or manual and immediately adjust the time and pressure level. Once program, cooking time and pressure level have been set the program will start 10 seconds after the last button is selected.

    Once program starts it will begin to preheat and the once it reaches pressure will begin the cooking time. Once cooking time is complete, wait 10 minutes to release the pressure for this recipe; no less, no more.

  30. says:

    Recipe calls for more than I needed. I used two cups of rice, two and a half cups of water and a tsp of salt. Cooked for 2 minutes and allowed to warm for ten minutes. Perfect!

  31. Edward Tracey
    Edward Tracey says:

    I do not know what “Natural Pressure Release” meant. Does that mean to leave the Pressure relief valve closed or open?

  32. Instant Pot
    Instant Pot says:

    Hi Edward,

    When the cook time has finished the Instant Pot will automatically switch to Natural Pressure Release. Ensure that the Steam Release (venting knob) is set to Seal (closed) and wait until the allocated Natural Release time has finished. Once complete, set the Steam Release to Venting (open). For more information on the Natual and Quick Release with your Instant Pot, please follow the link provided.

  33. petlaur
    petlaur says:

    Rinsed 1 1/2 cup of rice, placed in pot and added 1 1/2 cup of water. Added tbsp of grapeseed oil. Pressure cooked 1 minute with 10 minute NPR. Released rest of pressure, opened lid, fluffed up rice. Perfect!

  34. Netic
    Netic says:

    I dont even have a “pressure cook” button on my machine it just says “Rice”. Help!!! I have the IP-Luxq

  35. Instant Pot
    Instant Pot says:

    Hi Netic,

    Pressure Cook and Manual are the same they were just renamed on other models.

  36. ValJam
    ValJam says:

    These instructions say 1 minute, the time says 4 minutes and the pressure release says 10 minutes. None of this adds up.

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