Perfect Brown Rice
By :HipPressureCooking
Votes: 52
Rating: 4.46
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Course Side Dish
Cuisine Modern
Difficulty Easy
Browse Category Rice & Pastas
Duration 15-30 min
Cooking Technique Pressure Cook
Main Ingredient Rice
Prep Time 1 minute
Cook Time 22 minutes
4 servings
  • 2 cups brown rice
  • 2 1/2 cups Water
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Modern
Difficulty Easy
Browse Category Rice & Pastas
Duration 15-30 min
Cooking Technique Pressure Cook
Main Ingredient Rice
Prep Time 1 minute
Cook Time 22 minutes
4 servings
  • 2 cups brown rice
  • 2 1/2 cups Water
Votes: 52
Rating: 4.46
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  1. Add rice to the Instant Pot - being careful to remove any stray grains from the top edge of the inner pot.
  2. Add water. Close and lock the lid of the Instant Pot. Press [Pressure Cook] and then use the [ - ] button to set 22 minutes of pressure cooking time.
  3. When time is up, open the Instant Pot using the 10 minute Natural Pressure Release.
52 replies
  1. Clamlamp
    Clamlamp says:

    I’ve been trying this out a few times and the rice has been too soft for my tastes still trying to perfect the cooking time

  2. Mariecis
    Mariecis says:

    Made it with brown and wild rice. Came out pretty good but next time i want to add seasoning to the mix. Small smount of rice got stuck on bottom but overall good.

  3. ewooley
    ewooley says:

    I tried this ratio of water to rice and the rice came out super mushy and wet. Not sure if it’s a different instantpot or something, but either the timing or the amount of water was way off for me.

  4. Dave Timpy
    Dave Timpy says:

    Our 1st try, so we picked brown rice from recipe book. Recipe book says manual cook for 4 minutes. We said wow, only 4 minutes. The book is WRONG. The app says 22 minutes.

  5. chunter
    chunter says:

    long grain or fancy brown rice requires more water.
    We followed instructions for wild rice when cooking basmati style brown rice.

  6. Seemah
    Seemah says:

    It’s the first dish I’ve tried in my instant pot and followed the instructions step by step but my rice turned out all mushy 🙁 not sure what I’m doing wrong!

  7. Laurajvm
    Laurajvm says:

    Several people said their rice turned out mushy. Is the water supposed to be measured with the measuring cup provided with the IP? In other words, is one cup of water really supposed to be only 3/4 cup?

  8. Ccarrigan14
    Ccarrigan14 says:

    I cook my rice (2c rice 2.5c liquid) on high for 10 minutes, then let the natural release take over. Turns out wonderful.

  9. Kc52
    Kc52 says:

    I made the recipe for brown rice according to the directions in the book that came with my pot. High pressure for 4 minutes and NPR for 10; although I didnt check it until 18 minutes. All the water was absorbed and the rice was perfectly cooked. First time using my instant pot.

  10. CuppaJoe
    CuppaJoe says:

    For Instant Pot Mini: This recipe would work fine as written. I changed the amount to: one (included rice cup) brown rice, half cup lentils, one and three quarter cups water; sprayed bottom of pot with EVOO, added two pats of butter; set time for 20 minutes and 10 minutes natural release. It came out slightly al dente but perfect for my taste, 22 minutes would be fine. It didn’t stick to the pot.

  11. Elied
    Elied says:

    The time 23 minutes are you sure its for brownrice? And for how many servings usually for 23 minutes. Because mine did not cook for 23 minutes i had to add 20 more minutes

  12. Adramire
    Adramire says:

    Added 2 cups of chicken stock. 1/2 cup of watsr and half a chicken bouillon cube and it was a hit!

  13. michelle
    michelle says:

    Made brown rice using 2 c rice:2.5 c water. Turned our watery and mushy. Have Instant Pot Nova Plus. I don’t understand why some people say it turned out perfect with this recipe, others say it’s mushy like mine. Can someone clarify?

  14. Ben
    Ben says:

    Did a double batch… used 4½ cups of water and added butter & black pepper. Was perfect and so much less time than cooking on stove.

  15. Tashaboo00
    Tashaboo00 says:

    Followed the instructions exactly and ended up with wet rice. It was ok after I strained the excess water off but too much hassle.

  16. bristlewitch
    bristlewitch says:

    Perfection! I followed the instructions precisely in my IP 6qt DUO using generic long grain brown rice and it came out amazing. Not mushy or wet, not hard, no sticking or burning, exactly what I wanted! I’ve never made rice in my Instant Pot before now because everyone made it seem so hard but this was so simple, just follow instructions and poof, great rice done quickly. Definitely recommend this recipe.

  17. Erika
    Erika says:

    This recipe was confusing – after locking the lid, I wish the directions said, “press ‘Manual’, then press ‘Pressure Cooker – high” …

    Also, I too found it too mushy and cut the amount of water down to 2 1/4c and lowered the time to 20min, but maybe that’s just a preference/taste thing.

  18. Adriko
    Adriko says:

    The rice didnt cook all the way for me, I followed the directions. But this was my first time using it so I may have done something wrong.

  19. Lightbringer
    Lightbringer says:

    Stop saying it cooks in 22 minutes, what I care about is ACTUAL TOTAL TIME. Clock starts when I touch the first thing to start making the recipe, stops when I can eat it. That’s the “total time” I care about. Anything else is lies.

  20. TealNeal
    TealNeal says:

    This rice literally came out perfect! It wasnt dry and none of it burned to the bottom. I followed the recipe measurements and cooked on high pressure. I doubled it as we meal prep in our house. We have the 9 in 1 Viva.

  21. Amhodgie
    Amhodgie says:

    Perfect the first time I made it. I think the trick may be the natural release, I doubled it and added butter.

  22. Lataylor52
    Lataylor52 says:

    I made this and used chicken broth for the liquid….and a touch of buttee
    It did take nearly 40 mins total, but did taste awesome!

  23. Lia01
    Lia01 says:

    Hi. I have made jazmine rice and brown rice yet i have never used the rice button. What is it for? Becuase i have read watched and see videos for thus but never see anyone using the rice button.

  24. Just...Kim
    Just...Kim says:

    I’d like to hear more about the Rice button. There is very lottle explanation available about the various settings. I have used this recipe with brown rice and the rice button. It turned out fine.

  25. Instant Pot
    Instant Pot says:

    Hi Just…Kim,

    We are happy that the brown rice turned out fine but it should have needed a longer cooking time and the rice program shouldn’t have been used for brown rice.

    The “Rice” button is timed for white or parboiled rice only and it is automatic.

    Here is more information on the cooking programs.

  26. QueenSher
    QueenSher says:

    This recipe came out great for me. I used the cup measure that comes with the Instapot. 3 cups brown rice, 2 cups chicken broth and 1 cup water. I made sure to let it depressurize on its own, which was an additional 20 minutes. Tastes great and not mushy.

  27. kmouse
    kmouse says:

    Removed the inner pot and lightly sprayed with Pam to ensure no rice stuck to the bottom of the pan. Followed rive/water amounts exactly but also added 1 Tblsp butter. It was perfect.

  28. bb331
    bb331 says:

    As promised, this turned out perfectly for organic brown jasmine rice. I used 2 cups unsalted chicken stock and 1/2 cup water (same amount of liquid in the recipe).

  29. Nightowl2
    Nightowl2 says:

    I added some seasoning (onion power, garlic powder) and a tablespoon of avocado oil. It came out tasty and perfect.

  30. Bdanaher12
    Bdanaher12 says:

    Let sit in water 15min, replace with fresh water, manuel pressure cook 4 mins, wait 10min for pressure to realase own it own.

  31. Annikac
    Annikac says:

    The rice came out perfect. I used vegetable broth instead of water to give the rice some flavor. Once it was done cooking, I left it in the Instant Pot using the natural release close to 20 minutes until the rest of the meal was ready. Perfection! It was very convenient not having to keep an eye on the rice while it was cooking and just let the Instant Pot do its thing.

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