Lobster Fondue Mac
Servings Prep Time
4-6servings 15minutes
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
4-6servings 15minutes
Cook Time
  • 2 lobster tails
  • 8ounces cavatappi pastaor other hearty pasta
  • 1cup dry white winesuch as pinot grigio
  • 1cup Water
  • 1teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1clove garlicgrated
  • 3/4cup evaporated milk2%
  • 1tablespoon cherry brandyor liqueur
  • 3.5ounces Gruyere cheese
  • 3.5ounces Emmental cheese
  • black pepperground, to taste
Crispy Breaded Topping
  • 1cup bread crumbsfresh
  • 3.5ounces baconSmoked
  • 1clove garlicsliced thinly
  • 1tablespoon butter
  • 15grams parmesanfreshly grated
Preparing the Lobster
  1. Add 1 cup of water in the Instant Pot and set the two lobster tails on a trivet, shell side down.
  2. Steam on low pressure for 3 minutes, then quick release.
  3. Shock the lobster in an ice bath to stop cooking. Remove shell and chop lobster meat and set aside.
For the Crispy Bacon Topping
  1. Fry the chopped bacon in a small pan until it starts to get crispy. Pour off all, but 1 tablespoon of fat and add in the garlic.
  2. Stir around for approximately 30 seconds, and then add butter.
  3. Toss the bread crumbs in the fat, coating evenly and continue to fry crumbs for approximately 3 to 4 minutes until they are brown and crispy.
  4. Grate parmesan over the top and fold in, cooking for another 30 seconds. Remove from heat and set aside.
For the Mac and Cheese
  1. Add pasta, water, wine, salt and grated garlic in the Instant Pot and cook for 4 to 5 minutes on the Manual setting at high pressure.
  2. When time is up, quick release, hit cancel, and then hit the sauté button.
  3. Bring remaining water and pasta to a simmer and pour in evaporated milk as well as the cherry liqueur.
  4. Simmer for approximately 3 minutes, and then turn off pressure cooker.
  5. Remove pot, add in the lobster and start to stir in the cheeses a handful at a time, stirring constantly until it’s all in, melted and creamy.
To serve
  1. Ladle the mac and cheese into a bowl and top each bowl with a generous handful of crispy bacon bread topping. Enjoy!