Easy BBQ Instant Pot Ribs
By :Amy Jacky
Make this no fuss 4 ingredients Easy BBQ Instant Pot Ribs in 40 minutes! Tender baby back ribs are finger lickin' good. Perfect weeknight dinners! Perfect weeknight meal, last minute dinners, or cook them for your next BBQ
Votes: 96
Rating: 4.85
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Course Dinner
Cuisine American
Difficulty Easy
Browse Category Meat
Duration 30-60 min
Diet Paleo
Cooking Technique Pressure Cook
Main Ingredient BBQ Sauce, Ribs
Prep Time 1 minute
Cook Time 40 minutes
2-3 servings
  • 1 rack baby back ribs
  • 4 tablespoons BBQ sauce
  • kosher salt to taste
  • ground black pepper to taste
Course Dinner
Cuisine American
Difficulty Easy
Browse Category Meat
Duration 30-60 min
Diet Paleo
Cooking Technique Pressure Cook
Main Ingredient BBQ Sauce, Ribs
Prep Time 1 minute
Cook Time 40 minutes
2-3 servings
  • 1 rack baby back ribs
  • 4 tablespoons BBQ sauce
  • kosher salt to taste
  • ground black pepper to taste
Votes: 96
Rating: 4.85
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  1. Remove the membrane from the back of the ribs with a paper towel.
  2. Season the Baby Back Ribs with generous amount of kosher salt and ground black pepper.
  3. Place 1 cup of cold running tap water and a trivet into the pressure cooker. Place the baby back ribs on top of the trivet.
  4. Close lid and pressure cook on Manual at High Pressure for 16 – 25 minutes. Adjust the timing according to your preference: 16 minutes (Tender with a bit of chew) to 25 minutes (Fall off the bone). Turn off the heat and full Natural Release. Open the lid carefully.
  5. While the baby back ribs is cooking in the pressure cooker, preheat the oven to 450 Farenheit.
  6. Brush your favorite BBQ sauce all over the baby back ribs on all sides including the bones. Place the baby back ribs with the baking tray in the oven for 10 – 15 minutes.
  7. Remove the ribs from the oven and serve. Enjoy!
76 replies
  1. Arblacks
    Arblacks says:

    Combined a few recipies and incorporated rootbeer into the sauce. Also grilled instead of using the oven at the end! Yummy.

  2. Melanie
    Melanie says:

    These are even better if you marinate them overnight with a good rub. It adds extra flavor that marries well with the BBQ sauce.

  3. MrsKleinman
    MrsKleinman says:

    I made this last night, the family loved it. I think the rub i used was too strong-flavored for me, as i didn’t really care for it. I also skipped gazing and baking in the oven. On the plus side, it was super easy and the bones just pulled right out. I had about 3.5lbs rack that I split into 3 sections and stacked overlapping on the trivet. I also used beer instead of water. If i do them again, I’ll make my own rub thats not so strong.

  4. Mg3
    Mg3 says:

    Just awful, that i didnt have any left overs. Very first thing i made in my instant pot. Very tender and fall off the bone(these were the cheap previously frozen ribs sold by winn dixie)that are usually tough and dry when you try cooking by other means. The only thing i changed was i used a dry rub instead of the salt and peper

  5. Trishiandreece
    Trishiandreece says:

    Simple and Delicious recipe. I covered the ribs in BBQ sauce on top of the 1 Cup of water for extra flavor and cooked for 30minutes. Once done, I rebasted and baked for 10
    Minutes at 425 to caramelize the BBQ Sauce.

  6. Cookmtl
    Cookmtl says:

    New to IP! Did this tonight, 2 racks, 40 min, 5 min NR, then quick release, grill for 8 min with BBQ sauce. Really, really delicious!!!

  7. M_Morris
    M_Morris says:

    This was my third time using the pot. I actually added two racks of ribs, increased the time to 40, and it was perfect. Thanks for the easy recipe!

  8. abbeynowlin
    abbeynowlin says:

    Super easy, quick, and most of all….husband approved. He loves ribs, so thank you for a great go-to recipe!

  9. Christineg23
    Christineg23 says:

    Made this with two Costco ribs cut in half; rub; 40 min; then lightly glazed with TraderJoe’s BBQ sauce, under broiler 8 min. SO good and easy!

  10. Ricky
    Ricky says:

    First time ive ever made ribs and even my wife, who does not eat them (ever) loved them. Thanks InstantPot!

  11. Gpd5046227@gmail.com
    Gpd5046227@gmail.com says:

    Tried to make this but something went wrong. When I turn on my ‘pressure cook’ button it shows ‘on’ but the time countdown never shows up. Then I get a ‘burn’ message after a while of steaming. The valve is up and steam is coming out during the cooking process. What am I doing wrong?

  12. Fercoto
    Fercoto says:

    Didn’t like the first time I did this recipe the bloody metal-like taste and smell when you open the i-Pot, but the fall-out-of-bone finish was real after 25min. So, after a couple of trials, came to substitute kosher for marine salt, add 3 bay leaves, 1 teaspoon of paprika…. the smell and taste change radically… then BBQ brush, the oven and boom better than Tony Roma’s. (When you cook 2 full racks the thrivet isn’t needed)

  13. Dwz1976
    Dwz1976 says:

    Super tender!! I agree with the only 8 min under broiler or perhaps on the second rack as opposed to the top rack. Would definitely make again.

  14. Cwhitaker
    Cwhitaker says:

    Super easy and delicious! Needed more sauce after the oven, but other than that perfection!

  15. Altern8guy
    Altern8guy says:

    Falls off the bone and melts in your mouth! I marinated these ribs with brown sugar and they were a hot hit! Yummy!

  16. Emsmommy9
    Emsmommy9 says:

    Third thing I made in my IP and they were AMAZING. After reading other reviews I elected fi put them under the broiler instead of baking them. 8 minutes on high broil, basted again w/bbq sauce about 1/2 way through. Best ribs I’ve ever made. Cant wait to try some variations.

  17. Dkfitzsimmons
    Dkfitzsimmons says:

    I made this last night and it was amazing! The inly thing i did differently was broiled it before putting it in the Instant Pot. Definitely will keep this as one of my favorite recipes! A must try!!!

  18. jmnardo
    jmnardo says:

    Great basic recipe. I added a few dashes of liquid soke to the pot and grilled them with BBQ sauce. Perfection.

  19. Haymarkhay
    Haymarkhay says:

    This worked very well, used my own rub, and apple juice with cider vibegar ibstead of water. Super moist!

  20. Eric5584
    Eric5584 says:

    First time trying this and the ribs turned out great. I am new to the whole Instapot thing and so far it has been the best money spent.

  21. Tracy 1969
    Tracy 1969 says:

    Made tnis as my first IP meal ever. It was so good!!! I think I will add liquid smoke for added flavor next time.

  22. Bdcmpnie@yahoo.com
    Bdcmpnie@yahoo.com says:

    Easy recipe!! Added a few extra spices. Cooked for 25 minutes as directed. Next time will cook for 30 minutes as hubby likes them a bit more tender. Will definitely make again.

  23. ahw502
    ahw502 says:

    I cooked for 25 min, but it wasn’t quite fall-off-the-bone. I will cook it a bit limger next time. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Jimr
    Jimr says:

    This was also my first IP meal, and it came out great! Not to repeat other reviews, but to add a little info, when trying to figure out when it will be ready to serve, add at least 20 minutes after cooking for the natural release to finish.

  25. romijen
    romijen says:

    Excellent & easy recipie! I’m new to using an InstaPot @ I’ve never made ribs – these were easy to make and my family thought they tasted great!

  26. Flakeyone
    Flakeyone says:

    I have done this about a dozen times. Take meat from freezer use serrated knife and cut it in half remove from package no need to take off silver skin on bone like you do when you do them in a smoker. Put a cup of apple juice in the pot add 1 tablespoon of liquid smoke, place meat on thick edge meat towards the wall. Cooked 25 minutes from frozen follow the remainder of the recipe technology and oven treatment. About 45 minutes total time.

  27. Sharrison88
    Sharrison88 says:

    Love this recipe!!! Totally a family fav! But, one question: can you use boneless ribs? By accident, I bought those at the store.

  28. allenmartha23
    allenmartha23 says:

    Made this recipe to break in my instant pot and I am amzazed! My family and I loved how they turned out. Very tasty!

  29. vrlarson
    vrlarson says:

    Very good, increased cooking time to 30 mins, fairly tender but will try 36 mins next time. Will increase oven time to 10 mins per side

  30. Ashminni
    Ashminni says:

    The most delicious ribs I have ever made thanks to this recipe. I increased cook time to 30 minutes and then put them in the broiler covered in BBQ sauce turning 1/2 way for a total of 8 minutes cook time like someone suggested.

  31. DWennerholt
    DWennerholt says:

    So easy and delicious. I seasoned with Brown Sugar Bourbon Grill Mates seasoning instead of just salt and pepper. Delicious!

  32. JeremyHansen
    JeremyHansen says:

    Good and easy but you have to increase the preasure cooker time if you truely want tender fall off the bone

  33. cineow
    cineow says:

    Using suggestions frim other reviewers, I used a rub first on the ribs. Cooked for 35 mins, and brushed bbq sauce all over and broiled both sides in oven. This is serioulsy the only way to make ribs!! To delicious 🙂
    Cant wait for summer so we can bbq instead of broil. Will probably reduce the cooking time to 30 mins then.

  34. Kellyj9480
    Kellyj9480 says:

    Made these last night. They were a Insta-HIT !!! There wasn’t a single rib left. So my husband couldn’t take any for lunch today.

  35. Cookmtl
    Cookmtl says:

    Cooked this tonight. It was delish! Had 2 racks, split into two and did 35 min. Finished off in oven.
    We had a mix green and slaw salad with blue cheese and buffalo dressing! Will do it again and again!

  36. Georgemccawjr
    Georgemccawjr says:

    Very easy recipe except I put the ribs under the broiler instead of in the oven. 5 – 6 mintes per side.

  37. Rkhost2002@yahoo.com
    Rkhost2002@yahoo.com says:

    First thing I made in my new pot. Turned out perfectly. I cookrd for 20 min. With natural release. Could have been slightly less time. Tasted so good and were very tender. I don’t think we will ever do ribs on the grill again.

  38. Merry68
    Merry68 says:

    I made this as my first IP meal. I used a Manager’s special meat that I found at the market today. I followed the recipe exactly as written. It was easy and the meat was tender. It didn’t fall off the bone but came out so much better than other ribs I have made or tried. Will make this again, but I will try some of the recommendations on here.

  39. Don Torgrimson
    Don Torgrimson says:

    Really good!! I made these ribs tonight and they turned out great.
    I cooked them for 20 minutes and they were almost falling off the bone. Next time I will cook them a little less as I like to eat my ribs
    off the bone not with a knife and fork. Finished them under the broiler with bbq sauce. Super easy will definitely make them again.

  40. Lissadorvich
    Lissadorvich says:

    SUPER easy with great results! I decided on 20 min and they were perfect. Can’t wait to try some different flavours.

  41. Smathus
    Smathus says:

    I found 50 minutes makes mine fall off the bone tender. 20 or 30 minutes was not enough, but my ribs were pretty thick. Very easy method this way.

  42. Twynkles
    Twynkles says:

    First thing I made in my instant pot. So easy 🙂 I cook for 35 minutes for my baby-led weaning son and the meat really falls off the bone.

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