Easy Aloo Beans
Punjabi-style aloo beans recipe prepared with cumin, garlic and spices
Servings Prep Time
4servings 5minutes
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
4servings 5minutes
Cook Time
  • 1tablespoon oil
  • 1/2teaspoon cumin seedsor Jeera
  • 4cloves garlicchopped
  • 1 green chilichopped (optional)
  • 2cup green beanschopped in 1/2 inch pieces
  • 1 potatocubed into small pieces
  • 2teaspoons corianderor Dhania powder
  • 1/4teaspoon turmericor Haldi powder
  • 1/4teaspoon red chilior Mirchi powder
  • 1 1/2teaspoons salt
  • 1teaspoon dry mangoor Amchur powder, can also be replaced with lemon juice
  1. Start the Instant Pot in Sauté mode, heat it and then add oil. Heating the pot first helps later, so the veggies don’t stick to the bottom. Then add cumin seeds, garlic and green chili.
  2. When the cumin seeds start to splutter, add chopped green beans and potatoes. Add spices except dry mango powder and mix properly. Sprinkle water with your hand.
  3. Close the instant pot lid, and change setting to manual mode for 2 minutes. When the instant pot beeps, let the pressure release naturally.
  4. Mix in the dry mango powder or lemon juice. If there is any water, change the setting to saute mode and get it to your desired consistency. Aloo Beans are ready to be served with roti or naan.
Recipe Notes

If you like firm beans, do a 5 minute NPR, which means release the pressure manually 5 minutes after the instant pot beeps.