Ace Blender – Soy Milk
Servings Prep Time
8servings 60minutes
Servings Prep Time
8servings 60minutes
  • 16oz warm waterfor soaking
  • 3/4cup soybeans
  • 48oz Waterfor blending
  1. You can soak soybeans in water for up to 1 hour.
  2. Strain, discard soaking water and rinse with clear water — remove any skins if desired.
  3. Remove the lid from the pitcher.
  4. Add soybeans and water to the pitcher.
  5. Secure the lid to the pitcher.
  6. Select Soy Milk program.
  7. After 5 seconds, the blender will beep 3 times, and the countdown will begin once the target temperature is reached.
  8. When the program has completed, the blender will beep 10 times and display will show “donE” .
  9. Optionally, remove the lid and filter beverage through the strainer bag.
  10. Refrigerate for up to 4 days.